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Appreciated visitors of world wide at

Welcome !!!
I'm Incheon, Park, president of RUAN KOREA who is young & global enterprise.
Our RUAN KOREA is growing with global customers and, is aiming at BEST QUALITY, BEST SERVICE and
BEST BUSINESS and now we are renewal history of our lines.

Now world society face with diverse environment and severe competition mutually also it is changing rapidly, and all enterprise adapt to a new change and struggle with new changes.

RUAN KOREA overcome limitation of market with strategy of global market, in the changing global brand.

RUAN KOREA developing oversea's market by struggle against with many brand new confidently and is trying to introduce our product and technology during hardship
condition of world society.

Many distinguished be loved RUAN KOREA family!!!
It's time to spread RUAN KOREA'S dreams to the around
world as much as you want.

RUAN KOREA respect your dreams !!!
Thank you