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Standard Agreement for Electronic Commerce

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Standard Agreement is to specify the rights, duties and liabilities of cyber mall and users in using the Internet-related services (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") offered by RUAN KOREA INC Cyber Mall (hereinafter referred to as "RUAN Shopping") operated and managed by RUAN KOREA INC (hereinafter referred to as the "E-Commerce Provider").

※ For E-Commerce that uses PC and wireless networks, it will conform to this Standard Agreement, unless it contradicts with the characteristics of such commerce.

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

  • "RUAN Shopping" refers to a virtual store in which the goods or services (hereinafter referred to as the "Goods/Services") of the E-Commerce Provider are offered to users for transactions using info-communication equipment like computers.
  • 'Users' refer to members or non-members receiving the Service offered by "RUAN Shopping" in accordance with the agreement as they access the "RUAN Shopping" homepage.
  • 'Members' refer to people who are membership registered providing the personal information to "RUAN Shopping", continuously receive the information of "RUAN Shopping" and use the Service offered by "RUAN Shopping".
  • 'Non-Member' refers to people who use the Service offered by "RUAN Shopping" without membership registration.

Article 3 (Clear Statement and Explanation of Agreement & Amendment)

  • "RUAN Shopping" shall clearly indicate the content of Agreement, trade(company) and CEO names, company address (including the address in which customers' complaints can be handled), contact number, fax number, e-mail address, business registration number, online marketing business registration number and personal information managers at the main service screen of the E-Commerce Provider's "RUAN Shopping" for the Users to easily identify them. However, the Users can view the content of Agreement on a linked screen.
  • "RUAN Shopping" shall have a linked screen or pop-up screen to inform the Users of important matters including subscription withdrawal, delivery responsibility and refund conditions, which are specified in the Agreement, before the Users consent to the Agreement, asking for confirmation of such information.
  • "RUAN Shopping" shall have the right to amend the Agreement within the range of not violating the applicable laws including the Law related to Electronic Commerce to Protect Customer's Rights, the Regulation of Standardized Contracts Act, the Basic Law on Electronic Transaction, the Law on Digital Signatures, the Law on Promoting Use of Information Communication Networks, the Act on Door-to-door Sales and the Consumer Protection Act.
  • "RUAN Shopping" shall notify the date of application and amendment reason(s) upon revision of the Agreement along with the present Agreement at the main screen of "RUAN Shopping", from 7 days before the date of application to the date right before such application. However, when the Agreement is changed in a way that may be unfavorable to the Users, it shall be notified with the stay period of at least 30 days. In such a case, "RUAN Shopping" shall clearly specify the information that is changed by comparing the present Agreement with the amended Agreement, so the Users can easily identify it.
  • When "RUAN Shopping" revises the Agreement, the amended Agreement shall be applied only to the Contracts that are concluded after the date of application, and the previous version of the Agreement shall be applied to the Contracts that are concluded before such date. However, when the Users who have already concluded a contract wishes to accept the amended terms of the Agreement within the notification period of amended Agreement in accordance with Clause 3, sending his/her opinion to "RUAN Shopping" and having accepted by "RUAN Shopping", the amended terms of the Agreement shall be applied.

Article 4 (Provision & Modification of the Service)

  • "RUAN Shopping" shall perform the following service activities.

① Providing information related to the Goods/Services and concluding purchase agreements;
② Delivering the Goods/Services ordered through the purchase agreements; and
③ Other activities defined by "RUAN Shopping".

  • "RUAN Shopping" shall change the information of the Goods/Services to be offered according to the agreements that will be concluded, when such Goods/Services are out of stock/not available or technical specification are altered. In such a case, the information of the Goods/Services changed and the date of delivery shall be detailed and then notified at the place where the information of current Goods/Services is posted.
  • When the Service contract concluded between the User and "RUAN Shopping" is to be changed since the Goods/Services are out of stock/not available or technical specification are altered, such reason(s) shall be immediately notified to the Users using the available address. In such a case, "RUAN Shopping" shall compensate for the damages arising from such condition. However, if "RUAN Shopping" proves that it is not caused by its intention or negligence, "RUAN Shopping" shall be exempted from such liability.

Article 5 (Suspension of the Service)

  • "RUAN Shopping" shall temporarily suspend the Service, when info-communication equipment and devices like computers need to be repaired, inspected, replaced or are out of order, or communication network is disconnected or interrupted.
  • "RUAN Shopping" shall compensate for the damages to the Users or third parties as the Service is temporarily interrupted caused by the reason(s) specified above. However, if "RUAN Shopping" proves that it is not caused by its intention or negligence, "RUAN Shopping" shall be exempted from such liability.
  • When the Service cannot be provided owing to the change of business type, abandonment of the present business or merger with other companies, "RUAN Shopping" shall notify the Users using the method set forth in Article 8, and compensate the damages to consumers in accordance with the conditions specified previously. However, if "RUAN Shopping" has not notified the compensation standard beforehand, the mileage or membership points will be converted into the Goods that corresponds to the currency value commonly used at "RUAN Shopping" or cash, in order to be paid.

Article 6 (Membership Registration)

  • The Users fill in the personal information using the membership registration form specified by "RUAN Shopping", and agrees to this Agreement for membership registration.
  • "RUAN Shopping" shall accept membership registration of the Users who filled in the form as described above, unless such Users fall under any of the following:

① When the membership applicant lost the membership rights in accordance with Clause 3 of Article 7 in this Agreement; yet when 3 years have passed after such lost in accordance with Clause 3 of Article 7 in this Agreement and membership registration is approved by "RUAN Shopping" again, such member shall be exempted;
② When false, missing or error information is included in the form; or
③ When such membership registration is likely to have a negative technical impact on "RUAN Shopping".

  • Membership registration shall be in effect when the approval of "RUAN Shopping" is received by the Member.
  • When registered information is to be changed in accordance with Clause 1 of Article 15, the Member shall immediately notify such change to "RUAN Shopping" by e-mail and other methods.

Article 7 (Withdrawal from Membership & Loss of Membership Rights)

  • The Member can always request for withdrawal from membership and "RUAN Shopping" shall immediately perform withdrawal from membership.
  • When the Member falls under any of the following, "RUAN Shopping" shall have the right to restrict and suspend the membership rights.

① When a false information is filled in upon membership registration;
② When the price of the Goods/Services purchased using "RUAN Shopping" and/or other fees to be paid by the Member in relation to use of "RUAN Shopping" are not paid within the deadline;
③ When the Member threatens the order of E-Commerce by hindering the use of "RUAN Shopping" by others or illegally using the information; or
④ When acting against the laws or this Agreement, or the public policy in using "RUAN Shopping".

  • When the same act is repeated twice or more, or when such act is not corrected within 30 days after "RUAN Shopping" restricts/suspends the membership rights, "RUAN Shopping" has the right to terminate the membership rights.
  • When "RUAN Shopping" terminates the membership rights, the membership registration shall be cancelled. In such a case, it will be notified to the Member, and before it is terminated, at least 30 days of period will be given to the Member to explain the ground(s) for such act.

Article 8 (Notification to the Member)

When "RUAN Shopping" notified the Member, "RUAN Shopping" can use the e-mail address agreed and specified by the Member.
When "RUAN Shopping" notifies the information to unspecified Members, it shall be posted in the notice, which will substitute an individual notification.
However, when such information may greatly impact transactions with the Member, it will be individually notified.

Article 9 (Purchase Order)

"RUAN Shopping" Users shall place a purchase order using the following or similar method, and "RUAN Shopping" shall provide the following for the Users to easily understand them. Yet, in case of the Member, Clause 2 or 4 can be excluded for application.

① Searching and choosing the Goods/Services;
② Inserting the name, address, e-mail address (or mobile phone number) and etc;
③ Checking the Agreement terms, Services restricted from subscription withdrawal and delivery/installation fees;
④ Consenting to the Agreement, and agreeing/denying the information in ③ (for instance, mouse clicks);
⑤ Placing a purchase order for the Goods/Services, checking the order or agreeing with the confirmation of "RUAN Shopping"; and
⑥ Selecting the payment method.

Article 10 (Acceptance of the Purchase Order)

  • "RUAN Shopping" shall not accept the purchase order placed in accordance with Article 9, when it falls under the following conditions. However, "RUAN Shopping" shall inform that an order can be canceled by a minor or a legal agent, when the purchase order concluded between a minor is not agreed by a legal agent.

① When there is a false, missing or error information contained in the order;
② When a minor purchases the goods and services prohibited by the Youth Protection Act, including cigarettes and alcohol; or
③ When acceptance of the purchase order is likely to have a negative technical impact on "RUAN Shopping".

  • The purchase order shall be valid and in effect when the acceptance of "RUAN Shopping" is received by the Users in the form of notifying the confirmation of receipt in accordance with Clause 1 of Article 12.
  • The acceptance of "RUAN Shopping" shall include the information on whether checking the User's purchase order and selling the Goods/Services are available, correcting and canceling the purchase order and so forth.

Article 11 (Payment Method)

The price of the Goods/Services purchased from "RUAN Shopping" can be paid using any of the available methods stated below. However, "RUAN Shopping" shall have no right to charge additional fee for whatever reason in relation to the payment method for the Goods/Services.

  • Account transfer using phone banking, Internet banking or e-mail banking;
  • Using various cards including a prepaid card, debit card and credit card;
  • Online deposit without a bankbook;
  • Payment using electronic cash (e-money);
  • Payment upon receiving the Goods/Services;
  • Payment using points given by "RUAN Shopping", including mileage points;
  • Using gift certificates contracted or accepted by "RUAN Shopping"; or
  • Any other payment methods using electronic means.

Article 12 (Notification on Confirmation of Receipt & Change/Cancellation of the Purchase Order)

  • When a purchase order is placed by the User, "RUAN Shopping" shall notify confirmation of receipt.
  • The User receiving such notification can request for changes or cancellation of the purchase order, if any differences are found, "RUAN Shopping" shall do so without delay when such is requested before delivery.
  • However, when payment is already made, the terms related to subscription withdrawal specified in Article 15 shall be conformed to.

Article 13 (Supply of the Goods/Services)

  • "RUAN Shopping" shall take necessary measures including order production and packaging so that the Goods/Services can be delivered within 7 days from the date the User placed an order, unless there is a specified agreement on delivery of the Goods/Services. However, when "RUAN Shopping" already received all or part of the price for the Goods/Services, such necessary measures shall be taken within 2 business days from the date when all or part of the payment is received. Here, "RUAN Shopping" shall take appropriate measures for the User to check the procedure of supplying Goods/Services and the progress of such procedure.
  • "RUAN Shopping" shall clearly explain the delivery means for the Goods/Service purchased by the User, the person paying the delivery fee per means and delivery period per means. If "RUAN Shopping" fails to meet the agreed delivery period, the User shall compensate for the damage to the User. However, if "RUAN Shopping" proves that it is not caused by its intention or negligence, "RUAN Shopping" shall be exempted from such liability.

Article 14 (Refund)

When "RUAN Shopping" cannot deliver or provide the Goods/Services purchased by the User owing to the reason(s) such as out-of-stock, it shall be immediately notified to the User. When the price of the Goods/Services is already paid, it shall be refunded, or appropriate measures for refund shall be taken within 2 business days from the date of such payment.

Article 15 (Subscription Withdrawal)

  • The User who concluded a purchase agreement with "RUAN Shopping" to buy the Goods/Services can withdraw the subscription within 7 days from the date of notification on confirmation of receipt.
  • The User cannot return or exchange the Goods/Services when delivered in any of the following cases.

① When the Goods/Service is destructed or damaged owing to the reason attributable to the User (however, the subscription can be withdrawn when the cover is damaged to check the Goods/Services);
② When the value of Goods/Services is significantly dropped as the User used or consumed part of the Goods/Services;
③ When the value of Goods/Services is significantly dropped as the time passed, making it difficult to resell such Goods/Services; or
④ When the cover of the original Goods/Services is damaged, where such Goods/Services can be copied to have the same performance.

  • In case of Item 2 or 4 of Clause 2, when "RUAN Shopping" fails to clearly indicate that subscription withdrawal can be restricted for the Users to acknowledge it or provide approved products, subscription withdrawal of the Users cannot be restricted.
  • Despite the terms of Clause 1 and 2, the User can withdraw from subscription within 3 months from the date when the Goods/Services are supplied when the Goods/Services are not the same as those described and advertised, or within 30 days when such is known or potentially possible.

Article 16 (Effects of Subscription Withdrawal)

  • "RUAN Shopping" shall refund the price of the Goods/Services already paid within 3 business days after such Goods/Services are returned by the User. In such a case, when "RUAN Shopping" postpones the refund of such price to the User, a delay charge calculated by multiplying the delay charge rate set forth and announced by the Fair Trade Commission shall be applied for the delay days, and paid to the User.
  • When the User used a credit card or e-money to pay the price of Goods/Services, "RUAN Shopping" shall request for suspension or cancellation of the payment of such Goods/Services to the payment providers with no delay.
  • The User shall pay for the cost for returning the Goods/Services supplied upon subscription withdrawal. "RUAN Shopping" shall not claim for cancellation charges or compensation to the User for subscription withdrawal. However, when the Goods/Services are not the same as described and advertised, or when the agreement is unfulfilled, resulting in subscription withdrawal, "RUAN Shopping" shall be liable for the cost arising from return of such Goods/Services.
  • When the User paid the shipping cost upon receiving the Goods/Services, "RUAN Shopping" shall clearly indicate who will pay such cost upon subscription withdrawal.

Article 17 (Personal Information Protection)

  • "RUAN Shopping" shall collect minimum information required for implementing the purchase order upon collection of the User's information. The following is the essential information, and others shall be optional.

① 성Name
② Resident registration number (in case of the Member) or alien registration number
③ Address
④ Phone Number
⑤ Desired ID (in case of the Member)
⑥ Password (in case of the Member)
⑦ E-mail address (or mobile phone number)

  • When "RUAN Shopping" collects the personal information that allows individual identification of the User, an agreement by the User is mandatory.
  • The personal information provided cannot be used for any other purposes other than the purpose specified or provided to the third party without the User's consent, and "RUAN Shopping" shall be fully responsible. However, the following is the exceptional case..

① When informing the minimum information of the User (name, address and phone number) to the delivery company for the purpose of delivery;
② When providing the information for statistics, academic researches or market surveys, where individuals cannot be identified;
③ When required for calculating payments caused by transactions of the Goods/Services;
④ When it is required for ID confirmation to prevent illegal uses; or
⑤ When there is an inevitable ground in accordance with the terms of the Law or the Law.

  • When "RUAN Shopping" needs to obtain an agreement from the User in accordance with Clause 2 and 3, the terms set forth in Clause 2 of Article 22, the Law on Promoting Use of Information Communication Networks, including the information of personal information mangers (department, name, phone number and other contact information), the purpose of collecting and using the information and the matters related to providing the information to the third parties (information receivers, the purpose of provision and details of the information to be provided), shall be clearly indicated or notified in advance, so that the User can withdraw from such agreement at any time.
  • The User can request to read and correct the errors of his/her personal information obtained by "RUAN Shopping" at any time, and "RUAN Shopping" shall be obliged to take proper actions with no delay. When the User requests for correction of an error, "RUAN Shopping" shall not use such personal information until the error is corrected.
  • "RUAN Shopping" shall assign the people in charge of protecting the personal information and restrict the number, and shall be fully responsible for the damages to the User caused by loss, theft, disclosure and transformation of the User's personal information, including the credit card and bank account.
  • "RUAN Shopping" or the third party receiving the personal information from "RUAN Shopping" shall discard the personal information when the purpose of collecting or using such information is accomplished.

Article 18 (Duties of "RUAN Shopping")

  • "RUAN Shopping" shall not act against the Laws, this Agreement or the public policy, and shall do its best to continuously, stably provide the Goods/Services.
  • "RUAN Shopping" shall have a security system to protect the personal information (credit card information included) of the User, so that the Users can safely use the Internet Service.
  • "RUAN Shopping" shall compensate for the damages to the User as it conducts illegal expression or advertisement set forth in Article 3 of the「Act related to Fair Expression and Advertisement」 for its Goods/Services.
  • "RUAN Shopping" shall not send promotional e-mails for profits that are unwanted by the User.

Article 19 (Duties regarding Member ID & Password)

  • Excluding the cases specified in Article 17, the Member shall be responsible for the ID and password.
  • The Member shall not allow the third party to use his/her ID and password.
  • When the Member recognizes that his/her ID and password are stolen or any third party is using them, it shall be immediately notified to "RUAN Shopping" and the Member shall conform to the instruction given by "RUAN Shopping".

Article 20 (Duties of the Users)

The Users shall not do the following activities.

  • Registering a false information upon registration or change(s);
  • Illegal use of other's information;
  • Changing the information posted at "RUAN Shopping";
  • Sending or posting information other than the one specified by "RUAN Shopping" (like a computer program);
  • Infringing intellectual property rights of "RUAN Shopping" and other third parties;
  • Damaging the reputation of "RUAN Shopping" or other third parties, or hindering the activities;
  • Disclosing or posting obscene or violent messages, images, voice messages and other information that is against the public policy at "RUAN Shopping".

Article 21 (Relationship between the Connecting "RUAN Shopping" and the Connected "RUAN Shopping")

  • When the high-rank "RUAN Shopping" is connected to the low-rank "RUAN Shopping" by Hyperlink (for instance, letters, pictures and moving pictures are included in Hyperlink), the former is called the Connecting "RUAN Shopping" (website) and the latter is called the Connected "RUAN Shopping" (website).
  • When the Connecting "RUAN Shopping" posts a notice in the main screen of the Connecting "RUAN Shopping" or the pop-up screen at the point of connection, explaining that the Connecting "RUAN Shopping" is not responsible for guaranteeing the transactions of the Connected "RUAN Shopping" executing the transactions with the Users in independently providing the Goods/Services, the Connecting "RUAN Shopping" shall not be responsible for any problem caused by such transactions.

Article 22 (Ownership of Copyright & Restriction of Use)

  • The copyright and any other intellectual property right of publications written by "RUAN Shopping" shall be owned by "RUAN Shopping".
  • The User shall not use the information obtained from "RUAN Shopping" for the purpose of profit by means of copy, transmission, distribution, broadcasting or other ways, or permit the third party to use such information without consent from "RUAN Shopping".
  • When "RUAN Shopping" uses the information of the User, it shall be notified by the relevant User.

Article 23 (Settlement of Dispute)

  • "RUAN Shopping" shall establish and operate an organization for handling compensation for the loss so as to reflect reasonable opinions or complaints made by the User and to compensate for the loss.
  • It is the priority of "RUAN Shopping" to handle reasonable opinions or complaints made by the User. However, if it cannot be promptly handled, "RUAN Shopping" shall immediately notify the reason for delay and schedule for handling.
  • When there is a claim for damage relief by the User in relation to the E-Commerce dispute between "RUAN Shopping" and the User, it can be settled by the mediation of the Dispute Mediation Committee requested by the Fair Trade Commission or the governor.

Article 24 (Jurisdiction & Applicable Law)

  • The lawsuit against the electronic commerce dispute arising between "RUAN Shopping" and the User shall be filed based on the User's address and if there is no such address, it shall be filed to the competent court at the District Court in its jurisdiction. However, if the User's address or residency is not clear, or the User is living abroad, it shall be filed to the competent court by the Civil Proceeding Act.
  • Any electronic commerce lawsuit between "RUAN Shopping" and the User shall be applied with the Laws of South Korea.