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Ruan’s guiding beliefs revolve around people. We value our consultants as our most valuable asset and we aim to treat each of our consultants with integrity abiding by the following core beliefs.

Realizing that women in Korea are savvy purchasers of skincare products, for several years, he researched and studied the industry and even wrote a book on women’s skincare products. As the telecommunications company grew, his vision of starting a networking company was nearing and with the help of renowned skincare experts and professionals, he purchased the rights to produce and distribute Mongnis, our premiere product. Ruan Korea now has a division that markets Mongnis and other related products through a network marketing model.

Fairness : No matter what our consultant’s background is, we treat each one equally. It is not education, religion, gender, or social status that matters but rather our consultant’s earnest desire to work hard to fulfill their dreams and march towards success.

Respect : We appreciate each consultant and value their thoughts. This allows our people to maximize their potential and flourish in the Ruan environment.

Integrity : We as a company and our consultants will try to the right thing in an ethical manner to each other, to our customers and to the communities we live in.