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Byung Jin Choi founded Ruan Korea (Mongnis ) in 2011. An entrepreneur at a young age, he built a successful telecommunication software company. Some of his software, the Tuk Tuk and the Golden Bell application software are widely used in Korea. While building the telecommunications company, he was intrigued with networking marketing companies and he was even a distributor for one. He always believed that a successful network marketing company, if managed well can be a value added. He knew he could make a difference in an ordinary person’s lives by providing a meaningful income and great products to sell.

Realizing that women in Korea are savvy purchasers of skincare products, for several years, he researched and studied the industry and even wrote a book on women’s skincare products. As the telecommunications company grew, his vision of starting a networking company was nearing and with the help of renowned skincare experts and professionals, he purchased the rights to produce and distribute Mongnis, our premiere product. Ruan Korea now has a division that markets Mongnis and other related products through a network marketing model.

In a short period, Mognis rose to the top in the skincare industry and has been extremely well received in the Korean market. The company has now enabled tens of thousands of independent consultants to run their own business on their own terms. Choi has now fulfilled dreams for many and is changing the quality of life.

Ruan’s next step is to branch into other parts of the world. With Southeast Asian offices in Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, Ruan is now establishing presence in North America, both in Canada and the United States.

As Ruan continues to grow into new markets, the company will strive to make the organization better in all areas especially meeting the demands of the new consultants and the new clients. Ruan’s promise is to maintain the level of highest quality in the product Mongnis and develop new products of the same caliber that will complement the current product offerings. Ruan will continue to be passionate about their independent consultants and empower them to achieve their dreams.