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Meaning of RUAN KOREA CI


RUAN KOREA will run cooperate with other people "mutual", "together", "share with", and will regards "credit", and "fair" as our top priority of our value.
And we will run the above spirits of promise and practice with our members.

Also we will come true our company RUAN KOREA as cooperative and credible....
with our valuable members.

Meaning of RUAN KOREA CI : Korean literature and English

Meaning of Structure


Center of world is "myself" in general, but in case of RUAN KOREA CI is different "we", and symbolized all member of RUAN KOREA hands in hands toward world.

Meaning of color

Our color means fair for the all people even they are "inferior" or "superior" and "rich" or "poor" than us, as our member of RUAN KOREA.