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Appreciated visitors of world wide at

These are exciting times for all of us.
The world is changing rapidly and through innovation and technology the global market is now within reach and is accessible.

I am thoroughly enthused at the opportunity we have created using a direct selling model to provide a meaningful business opportunity to each of you. Nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship and providing a phenomenal product coupled with a
lucrative compensation plan are the core beliefs of our company’s vision and goal. We are a young company but we are
creating a company that is based on integrity, honesty and long term relationships.

As President of Ruan Korea, I seek to grow our business with each consultant as partners.
I believe in the concept of moving as one rather than as individual units.
We want you to succeed and lead productive and fruitful lives.
Our parent company with its proven success in the IT field, provides us with a
competitive edge. Our support level for each consultant is unparalleled and
we strive to deliver an easy method for you to run your own business at your
comfort level whether you are an individual retailer or a team builder.

I encourage you to strive to maximize your potential and achieve
your dreams. I will give you my support at every level as this
business cannot succeed without your dedication and your trust.
Join our family of Ruan where
you will be treated with respect and fairness.
Together, we can build one of the best direct
selling companies and set a standard of excellence.